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Midwest rustic and quartered items are ideal for flooring production. Connect with Midwest Hardwood Company at AWFS on July 25-28, 2023 to discuss all your hardwood lumber needs.

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Midwest Hardwood Company produces a wide range of top-quality Northern hardwood lumber products. Click below to see the species we produce and the grades they are available in.

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Rustic Hickory

Rustic Walnut

Rustic White Oak

RQ White Oak

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Midwest Hardwood has a full gallery of professionally photographed packs of lumber. Packs are available to view in a variety of species and grades, and showcase the top ten layers of a typical Midwest Hardwood Company bundle of lumber.

The showcase allows customers to feel confident in the quality and consistency that Midwest Hardwood Company offers. For the full gallery of lumber bundles, click the link below.

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