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Railroad Ties, Cants, Pallet Lumber & Residues

Midwest Hardwood’s exceptional manufacturing capabilities don’t only extend to high grade lumber. We are also premier player in the industrial products market as well as the sawdust, chip, bark and landscape products markets. Our robust sawmills generate close to 5 million board feet of ties alone every year.

What sets our material apart from other suppliers? Our northern climate provides the perfect conditions for a slow growth rate in these dense hardwoods, making them even denser and more sound than other areas around the country. This coupled with our exacting manufacturing processes make for a terrific product that can carry the loads placed upon it.

Our residues are special as well. We have the most sophisticated debarkers on the market that produce the cleanest sawdust and chips produced anywhere. This makes our chips highly sought after by paper mills due to the absence of bark in the product.  Our bark goes through a hog to ensure uniformity of size and texture making it perfect for landscape product producers.

Another feature that we take pride in is our pallet component facility in Park Falls, WI. We have the capability of taking low grade lumber made from our premium quality northern hardwoods and turning them into the most uniform and durable pallet and blocking components on the market.

As you can see, our care and attention in manufacturing doesn’t stop when the high-grade lumber ends. We view each of the industrial and low grade products not as by products but as important contributors to our continued success and we give them the care and attention to quality that they command as such an important part of our product line.

For more information regarding Sawdust, Chips, Bark and Railroad Ties please contact MC Flynn at 612-965-6483 or email [email protected]

For more information on Pallet Cants, 3b lumber or cutstock, please contact Chris Holmstrom at 715-892-5400 or email [email protected]